Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

This is a lovely time of the year! From my family to yours - We hope that your Christmas will be out of this world! 😃 🎉🎊

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Work Party 2017

Here we are at the precipice of the year,
It has been a great year indeed, 
We are celebrating a great year with good cheer, 
Our friends, colleagues and families are here, it’s all that we need. 

This place has the most spectacular view, 
The rooms are all top class,
Around here there are plenty of things to do, 
The vineyard looks amazing through the window glass. 

The bed provides the most desirable comfort one could ask for, 
The rooms are great size you can dance waltz with no trouble, 
You can feel the sense of a holiday before you even reach the cellar door,
The rooms can accomodate the couples but the beds are more than double. 

The food is amazing, the warmth amongst the staff, 
This place is awesome, the warmth can also be found in the spa, 
This is a place where you have no choice but to love and have a great laugh, 
A place where you find yourself singing let’s go dancing ooh, la, la, la. 

Basically our work party was the best work party I’ve ever had, 
Harcourts Boronia go all out to make employees feel extra special, 
My wife also had a great time I must add. 
For every employee to feel special in a workplace, it's essential. 

Work Party 2017 

Friday, December 1, 2017

What did I do right?

This is a question I ask myself day and night,  
It all started by simply taking that flight, 
I was suppose to be unavailable, 
Setbacks in life made me available. 

She is more than perfect for me, 
That’s why I went down on one knee, 
So that when she said yes I’d quickly get up and hold her, 
They were definitely right when they said favour ain’t fair.  

Beautiful, gorgeous, attractive and pretty are inadequate, 
For her I need new words with extra weight, 
Flowers are beautiful but she’s way better than a flower, 
The look in her face carries more power. 

Between myself and the pen, my heart can be laid on the table, 
My words only come out because my lungs and my voice are able, 
I can’t shake the idea that we need new words, 
We need new songs, new language or just to sing like birds. 

My wife makes my life honey that can only be heavenly manufactured, 
She came into my life and made sure my heart was remanufactured, 
She takes care of me and she’s given me 2 beautiful daughters,  
They are best friends, close in age and lookalike sisters. 

What did I do right?

Thursday, November 30, 2017

So It Begins!

This is a current situation outside!
Just after South Africa has been flooded like never before;
We were told that Melbourne will have more rain fall over the next few days than it usually does in one whole season! 😲

#EndOfDays #StaySafe

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Blogger Stopped Upgrading

Due to a constant change and upgrades of iOS in iPhones, 
Blogger couldn’t keep up with the challenge, 
So every post I’ve put on my blog, the blogger app just crashed, 
I know right! I write everyday but it looks like technology can’t keep up. 

What did I learn from all this? 
If you’re exposed to a new environment, 
You have to keep up with that environment that you’re exposed to, 
If you have a job to do and you’re not qualified, 
Train more, do more and be more in that job. 

As believers we believe in changing the atmosphere, 
But if you’re a nonbeliever you just have to rock that environment, 
Be the best thing around, a bigger person, 
Be cool and all that but just rock that place. 

I believe that if I’m not bringing anything different to an environment then there’s no point for me to even be there, 
I hope that my words speak volumes into your life, 
I don’t care about recognition and all that, 
I just want to make an impact even if it’s in one person’s life. 

I’m allergic to negativity, negative thoughts, negative energy and all that, 
I’m addicted to positivity, positive thoughts, positive energy, positive comments and positive lifestyle, 
I want to leave this world better than it was,    
Everyday I aspire to make an impact in someone’s life, online or offline. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

She Smiles

Now that I have two girls, 
I have to clarify which one I’m writing about, 
The one with short silky curls, 
The one who grabs everything so swiftly without a doubt. 

She likes to sing with her loud deep voice, 
She likes to kick in the bath and have a great time, 
She loves veggies and cucumber is her favourite choice, 
She enjoys the songs I write for her and every rhyme. 

If you know my two girls you’ll already know, 
She looks at me with her bright eyes and smiles, 
It’s a life changing experience for me to see her grow, 
I miss her dearly when I’m at work and travelling miles. 

You still have no idea which daughter I’m talking about do you? 
Well that’s alright I’ll invite her into your world, 
Actually you should ‘cause I’ve given you more than one clue, 
Zara Lethu Shozi encouraged this poem’s every word. 

She Smiles

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Three Chillies

My grandfather was a soldier, 
He fought in World War ||,
That must have been too much for every man’s shoulder,  
To be honest I don’t think my feet would have fitted even in his single shoe. 

Three Chillies 
You probably wonder why I titled this poem Three Chillies, 
I nearly called it Remembrance Day, 
Which is what today is, but it only makes me think of my grandfather and his chillies, 
He was a brave man and remains a hero ‘till this day. 

Three Chillies 
He used to eat three chillies every time before he went to war, 
He did it to prepare facing any challenge, 
From what people saw and shared I’m sure he saw more, 
A man with a gun, changing the magazines while hoping for change. 

Three Chillies 
I’m sure there are lots of people like him out there, 
Whose shoulders we are standing upon, 
Whose presence is as thin as the air, 
We’ll always remember them now that they are gone. 

Three Chillies